Margo - veterinary Groomer

Margo Roberts-Heaton, Groomer

Margo has been grooming with Indian River Pet Resort since February 2022. Grooming animals has always been one of her passions. During the grooming process,  she really gets to know the pet, and it is a great opportunity for bonding. Being a part of keeping an animal happy and healthy is what she loves most about being a dog groomer. Outside of work, Margo loves to hike, fish, and garden. She also loves anything that has to do with animals, such as riding horses, caring for her farm animals, and doing volunteer rescue work. Her family is her heart & soul and biggest supporters. She shares a home with her wonderful partner & daughter, and two dogs (Violet, a lab/mastiff mix & Charlie, a Great Pyrenees/hound mix), two cats (Frankie, a mainecoon/tabby & Daisy (a short hair tortoiseshell). Margo is extremely grateful to be a part of your pet care team and thanks you for the opportunity to get to know your beloved family member!

The following is a list of grooming services that Margo provides:

  • Bath with blow-dry
  • Full brush out
  • Haircut – Basic as well as breed-specific
  • Shave-down
  • Nail Trim (with or without Dremel)
  • Gentle anal gland expression
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Pad moisturizing and massage